VPRC/VPRH Single Package Vertical Replacement Unit


Achieve Maxiumum Comfort, Space, Utilization and Economy

The VPRC/VPRH vertical package terminal air conditioner allows design flexibility in new construction or renovation projects.Available as a straight cool model (VPRC) or heat pump model (VPRH),this unit is ideal for hotel/motel,extended care and assisted living facilities, as well as apartments or any suite layout. The VPRC/VPRH offers new options to room configuration.

Traditionally, through-the-wall air conditioning units were positioned below windows. The closet concealed VPRC/VPRH frees up this valuable space for other uses. Condition interior or adjoining rooms with just one VPRC/VPRH unit. The ducting capabilities of the VPRC/VPRH offer design freedom without sacrificing comfort or economy. The VPRC/VPRH may also be installed with a soffit concealed duct to deliver air to an additional location in a large room or to an adjacent room in a suite.

VPRC/VPRH's with field modifications may be used as replacements for Armstrong Magic Pak, and Singer Vertical PTAC models and allows for an upgrade from cooling only installations to heat pumps.


  • Low voltage connection
  • All 208/230 models supplied with a line cord with proper plug to match outlet servicing the unit (265 V are hard wired)
  • Fresh air manual damper
  • Slinger Ring For Positive Condensate Re-evaporation
  • Wall Sleeve and anodized aluminum Condenser Louver
  • Each VPRC is equipped for a 24V wall thermostat connection. A plug connection is located at the control box location (right, left or front mount).


  • Hydronic Heat Package - consult factory
  • Supplemental Electric Heat
  • Return Air Access Panel with Frame
  • Painted Condenser Louver
  • Remote Thermostat
  • Disposable Return Air Filters
  • Casters -For Ease of Service and Maneuverability
  • 265/277V (Hard Wired)
  • Anti Short Cycle Timer
  • Disconnect Switch
  • Energy Management System (EMS) Relay

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