Can I purchase EMI ductless split systems directly from EMI?

EMI sells its products through an extensive distribution network. Distributors sell product to HVAC contractors. Because the handling of refrigerant is involved in the installation of the systems, only qualified HVAC contractors should install the products. Please use our Manufacturers Reps List to conveniently locate the nearest EMI Distributor in your area.

How do EMI Ductless Split Systems work?

EMI Ductless Split Air Conditioning Systems are the ideal solution when traditional central air conditioning systems are not practical or feasible. Designed for economical and efficient zone conditioning, ductless split systems utilized in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings allow the owner/occupant the flexibility to satisfy most conditioning requirements.

WMH Water Source Heat Pump Consoles

Designed to replace the popular WM units from Climate Control and Singer/McQuay, the WMH offers an upgrade to a higher level of performance, while still retaining the existing WM cabinet. Consult a RetroAire Representative for pricing and availability. 50 piece minimum order quantities apply.

CWH Water Source Heat Pump Consoles

Available in nominal capacities of 10,000 and 13,000 BTU/h, the CWC/CWH is designed as a complete replacement chassis for Cool Heat WC, Friedrich & Climate Master WC 800, and most units in custom enclosures. Consult a RetroAire representative to discuss your requirements and review the CWC solutions. CWC units far exceed the original EER ratings and a wide variety of features and options is available.

CMH Water Source Heat Pump Consoles

The CMH Water Source Consoles are designed to replace the Climate Master 801 Series. Available in nominal capacities of 8,000 and 12,000 BTU/h these units offer improved efficiency. The CMH units, available in two chassis sizes may also replace water source consoles that were installed in custom cabinetry with dimensions equal to or larger than the CMH. Consult a RetroAire representative for specific details. Minimum quantities may be required.

VPRC/VPRH Single Package Vertical Replacement Unit

The VPRC/VPRH vertical package terminal air conditioner allows design flexibility in new construction or renovation projects.Available as a straight cool model (VPRC) or heat pump model (VPRH),this unit is ideal for hotel/motel,extended care and assisted living facilities, as well as apartments or any suite layout. The VPRC/VPRH offers new options to room configuration.

RQTH Single Package Vertical Replacement Unit

RetroAire's new Vertical Packaged Unit, the RQTH, is an economical means to provide cooling and heating to multiple rooms. Proudly designed and made in Utica NY; exclusively to meet the needs of the replacement application for the Carrier 50QT that was discontinued in the late 1980s. 


Replacement PTAC Series

Fixed Capacity High-Wall Split System Air Handlers

Fixed Capacity Universal Ceiling-Suspended/Floor Mount Split System Air Handlers

EMI’s America Series line is specifically designed to meet the needs of the North American HVAC market. With exceptional performance, operating efficiency, and EMI exclusive features – the EMI America Series is the number one choice for “Comfort Where It Counts.”