Once I have a Return Authorization from you, how long do I have to return the parts to the factory?

90 days.

Metering devices vary, so what type of meter is used in EMI evaporators?

Depending on the unit, EMI uses a piston device (chatleff assembly with a fixed orifice) or TXV.

If I need parts for my unit what information do I need to provide?

To ensure we get you the correct parts, please ensure you have the complete 15 digit model number and the unit's serial number.

How many wires will I need to pull for connection remote thermostat applications?

You will need a minimum of three to a maximum of six, depending on combinations of straight cool or heat pump, with or without supplemental electric heat, etc.

What is the difference between heat pumps that are listed as limited range or maximum range?

A limited range heat pump is not a defrosting unit in heat mode. Heat pump operation ceases at approximately 35 degrees F (1.6 C) outside temperature and electric resistance heater in the air handler (if supplied) is the sole source of heat. The 52HA, T2HA, T3HA, and T4HA Series of outdoor units are limited range heat pumps. S1HA single zone condensers are maximum range heat pumps, which operate down to 0 degrees F with defrost cycle.

Each circuit in an out door unit has its own number, so how does the numbering system work?

We use the following number system for each circuit.

It is: 9 = 9,000 BTUH; 2 = 12,000 BTUH; 5 = 15,000 BTUH; 8 = 18,000 BTUH; 4 = 24,000 BTUH; 3 = 30,000 BTUH; 0 = An unused/empty circuit.

Each indoor unit has its own circuit, which is independently controlled. Evaporator styles and sizes may be mixed in over 600 combinations in two, three or four zone systems.

Does EMI supply 24V remote thermostats?

EMI offers a selection of 24V remote thermostats. However, others may be used. When selecting a thermostat "by others", be sure to select an HVAC thermostat compatible with a 24 Vac, Heating/Cooling system. If the system is a heat pump with back up electric heat be sure to select a single stage cooling 2-state heating thermostat.

Does EMI provide anti-short cycle protection in its systems?

ASCT is a standard feature on EMI evaporators.

Do your units come charged with enough refrigerant to cover the condenser, evaporator and line set?

No, the condenser comes precharged with refrigerant for the condenser and an evaporator allowance. You will have to add additional refrigerant based on your line set size and length.

Can I order supplemental heat for both cooling only and heat pump systems?

Yes. Supplemental electric heat is available on most EMI systems (factory installed only). Check the specific evaporator specifications for all available options.

As a reference guide please refer to the SIC condensing unit specification sheet to compare the capacities of the other manufacturer’s unit to an EMI unit (bulletin 01010). EMI will not warrant use of EMI heat pumps with anything other than approved EMI evaporators.