Texas Reps. Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth) John Scott, Outside

Texas Reps. Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth) James Gibson, Inside

Texas Reps. Oklahoma David Webb, Outside

Texas Reps. Oklahoma Gilbert Faz, Inside Sales

Texas Reps. Oklahoma James Gibson, Inside

Texas Reps. Louisiana Lenny Bolin, Outside

Texas Reps. Louisiana Gilbert Faz, Inside Sales

Thermal Environment Sales Vermont Erik Bruhns

Thermal Environment Sales New Jersey (North) Erik Bruhns

ECR International Launches New EMI/RetroAire Website - 02/28/2016

ECR International is pleased to announce the launch of our new, EMI and RetroAire branded website. The new site features EMI’s complete line of ductless split air conditioning systems, as well as RetroAire’s line of “Thru-The-Wall” air conditioners designed for replacement and construction applications.