RetroAire Introduces RQTH Replacement Unit - 01/28/2015

RetroAire is pleased to announce the addition of the RQTH, Single Package Vertical Unit, an economical means to provide cooling and heating to multiple rooms. This vertically-packaged heat pump maximizes comfort at a minimal expense, and is a drop-in replacement for the original Carrier 50 QT 1.5 & 2-Ton Equipment, which was discontinued in the late 1980s.

Proudly designed and made in Utica, NY, the RQTH is intended exclusively to meet the needs of the replacement application, as there are many thousands of these units up and down the East Coast. Predominantly used in high-rise condominiums that were built during that time period, the unit meets efficiency criteria for replacement or new construction applications. Offering far superior performance and the ability to be installed in a relatively short time with minimal field modification of the original installation, the RetroAire RQTH is the right fit for comfort.

ECR produces RetroAire "Thru-The-Wall" PTAC's and PTHP's air conditioners for replacement, renovation and new construction applications. RetroAire products are ideal for hotels, motels, health care, commercial, residential, and institutional facilities. Competitive pricing, a national network of field representatives and dedicated factory support will assist you with your replacement or upgrade projects.