EMI Announces the new I-Verter Series - 11/16/2015

EMI is pleased to announce our New, Higher SEER ductless mini-split offering: the I-Verter Series. The I-Verter further expands the ECR International ductless mini split product line. I-Verter Series is available in single and multi-zone systems offering free match air handler flexibility. This new expanded line features high wall and recessed ceiling cassette air handler combinations. The I-Verter Series includes models up 22.8 SEER and supports many multi-zone combinations, has exceptional low ambient operation, and some models have line set lengths up to 200’.

EMI offers the most comprehensive line of ductless split air conditioning systems, for cooling only and heat pump applications. With exceptional performance and operating economy, EMI split systems are ideal for zone or spot conditioning in light commercial, institutional & residential applications.