EMI Announces 4-Pipe Version of CAW Series - 06/02/2016

EMI is pleased to announce the following Comfortwave product line changes. The current CAW series family will be expanded to include a new 4-pipe version. What sets the CAW 4-pipe apart from the 2-pipe version is the addition of a separate hydronic heating coil. The CAW 4-pipe models are able to provide heating and cooling solutions utilizing chilled water and hydronic heating systems. With the introduction of the CAW 4-pipe series, the current Comfortwave CAF models (both 2-pipe and 4-pipe ceiling cassette air handlers) will become obsolete. The CAW is able to meet or exceed the capacities of the CAF series.

Comfortwave provides an assortment of air handlers for commercial comfort solutions that have minimal building intrusion and provide a clean and stylish design. The Comfortwave family of ductless air handlers is the ideal product choice for office, education and healthcare settings.

The CAW series meets your specification and installation requirements with key application features such as:


  • Mounts above the ceiling with minimal intrusion into the space
  • Quiet operation
  • 6 nominal capacities. 3 Chassis sizes: CAW 08/12, CAW 18/20, CAW 33/36
  • Fresh air and branch air duct knockouts
  • Factory installed condensate pump with 30” lift
  • Condensate pump overflow float shutoff switch and a redundant condensate drain pan overflow shutoff

Voltage choices:

  • 208-240V/1/60Hz standard model
  • 115V/1/60Hz option
  • 220-240V/1/50Hz option

Models are available with two control configurations:

Remote thermostat models:

  • Thermostat sold separately
  • Units with this configuration require a wired thermostat for operation and the unit is not equipped with a configurable control board
  • Fascia is not equipped with an LED display

Microprocessor control board with IR receiver models:

  • IR remote control sold separately
  • This option features a configurable control board. The unit can be operated by either a hand held remote or the user can change the board dip switch setting to allow for wired thermostat control. Not all control features will be available when selecting thermostat operation.
  • Fascia includes IR receiver panel with LED light indicators showing: Power, Cooling, Heating, Clean Filter and Timer/Alarm
  • Programmable features including 7 day run mode, check filter timer on-off, motorized louver on or off for the CAW18 to CAW36 sized units
  • Non-volatile memory allows for restart after a power failure by maintaining control settings

EMI offers the most comprehensive line of ductless split air conditioning systems, for cooling only and heat pump applications. With exceptional performance and operating economy, EMI split systems are ideal for zone or spot conditioning in light commercial, institutional & residential applications.