ECR International Launches New EMI/RetroAire Website - 02/28/2016

ECR International is pleased to announce the launch of our new, EMI and RetroAire branded website. The new site features EMI’s complete line of ductless split air conditioning systems, as well as RetroAire’s line of “Thru-The-Wall” air conditioners designed for replacement and construction applications.

EMI offers the most comprehensive line of ductless split air conditioning systems, for cooling only and heat pump applications. With exceptional performance and operating economy, EMI split systems are ideal for zone or spot conditioning in light commercial, institutional & residential applications. With the production of RetroAire "Thru-The-Wall" PTAC's and PTHP's air conditioners for replacement, renovation and new construction applications, ECR is able to offer products that are ideal for hotels, motels, health care, commercial, residential, and institutional facilities. Competitive pricing, a national network of field representatives and dedicated factory support will assist you with your replacement or upgrade projects.

As you take a look at our new website, be sure to check out our detailed product pages, complete with product brochures, manuals and other documents, as well as sales videos to fit homeowners’ and contractors’ needs. Provide us with feedback and let us know what you think of our new design, or your thoughts on any of our EMI or RetroAire products.