How do EMI Ductless Split Systems work?

EMI Ductless Split Air Conditioning Systems are the ideal solution when traditional central air conditioning systems are not practical or feasible. Designed for economical and efficient zone conditioning, ductless split systems utilized in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings allow the owner/occupant the flexibility to satisfy most conditioning requirements.

A ductless split air conditioning system is one in which the indoor unit- the air handler/evaporator- is connected to the outdoor condensing unit by electrical wiring and refrigerant piping. EMI units may be located up to 100' (30.5 M) apart, including up to 35' (10.6 M) of lift. A minimal 3 inch (76 MM) exterior wall opening is required to allow for the wiring and piping. Utilization of ductless split systems allows you to condition various zones to meet usage requirements economically and efficiently, while achieving maximum occupant comfort levels.

Unique to EMI are 2, 3 and 4 zone multi-zone systems that allow up to four separate evaporators, each an independent circuit, to share one outdoor condensing unit, with up to 4 tons (14.0 KW) capacity. Each circuit includes an independent compressor, valves, lines, controls, etc. Only the cabinet and fan are common to each circuit. Because each evaporator operates on a separate circuit, the evaporator's styles and sizes may be mixed or matched to satisfy both sizing and air circulation requirements.

All heating options are to be FACTORY INSTALLED ONLY (Please refer to bulletin 01004). Check the specific evaporator specifications for all available options.

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